The History of Acesserelle

Accesserelle La Cratia Grand Central Station New York City Fashion Womens Apparel
When Grand Central Terminal opened its doors to the local shopper, Yael Warshawi had her eyes set on becoming a pioneer entrepreneur on New York City’s 42nd Street facade. Leather goods, hair accessories, hats, and gloves filled her store and so did its visitors. A sign reading, “La Cratia” hung just above the clear glass doors and soon, Yael’s shop was a staple of the popular railroad terminal.
Before opening her storefront, Yael’s arrival to New York City in the late 80’s came with an immediate encounter with its infamous retail experience. She began working in Soho as a sales representative and just 3 years after getting her feet wet, began creating her own pieces. By 1992, Yael was selling her signature matching velvet gloves and scarves at the Columbus Circle Flea Market. Within a few short months Yael’s avidity brought her to South Street Seaport where she opened a kiosk selling custom jewelry and clothing under the name "La Cratia".

Accesserelle La Cratia Grand Central Station New York City Fashion Womens Apparel

In 1995, La Cratia brought their storefront to the second floor of Grand Central Terminal. The store was running in full swing for 21 years before Yael decided to close its doors. With her customers left to wonder where the shop disappeared to, the idea to move online came to fruition. Accesserelle is the internet’s presence of La Cratia. The same apparel, the same accessories. Accesserelle is New York. It’s the add-ons of the traveler; embellishments of modern attire. 

Welcome to Accesserelle!


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